The buying and selling of real estate. It sounds simple but there are plenty of do's and dont's and rules and regulations that you need to be aware of and that an experienced lawyer can help you with.

Property & Finance Law

Often involves conveyancing but also includes leasing, mortgages, trusts, syndicates, joint ventures and subdivisions.

Business & Commercial Law

The buying and selling of businesses, leasing of a range of premises, company structures and partnerships.

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Deceased Estates

Protecting your assets and your family by properly managing your affairs in the event of death or incapacity.

Employment Law

Advice to both employers and employees about rights and entitlements including Employment Contracts, restraints of trade and unfair dismissals.


Legal disputes between a range of parties and often involving court proceedings. It is, however, always wise to try and avoid the commencement of court proceedings and seek to negotiate, arbitrate or mediate.